Travel Agent

7 reasons to use a Travel Agent

Travel agents, not only can they do things the Internet can’t, but they also still collect a lot of their fees from vendors, which means there is no charge! Which is why we’ve compiled these seven reasons you might want to get a travel agent plan your next trip.   They know whether you’re getting…


Travel Tip: Put away you phone

Mobiles are incredibly useful; humanity managed to put lots of tools in one single device to make our life easier, everything from calculators, clocks, alarms, music, between a few, to social networks, bank accounts, pictures, messages, light, even exercise! They are extremely useful but don’t forget that you still have eyes, brain and the marvelous…


13 myths about finding low airfares

Most common 13 myths about finding low airfares: We have all been in the search of flights… Is it Tuesday? Or is it Wednesdays? Tuesdays at midnight? Low airfares can be found using some tips and dropping others. George Hobica, The author has been analyzing airfares for about 20 years now and has come up with a baker’s dozen…