Volcán Turrialba

We can have the Turrialba ash eruptions… for two years! What a thing to watch!

The Turrialba volcano could remain active and belching ash for two years, one of Costa Rica’s most well known volcanologists, Gino Gonzalez of the National Seismological Network (RSN) said on Tuesday. Speaking on the radio program, Nuestra Voz on Radio Monumental, Gonzalez said that activity at the Turrialba volcano following its October 29th eruption would…


Collect memories, not things.

Colect memories… Not things! Just think about your first mobile phone… The very first one you had… Do you remember it? … The size, the weight, the great conversations you had with it… Do you really remember the actual phone? Now… think about your very first time on a plane… Think about your thoughts when you…

Rainforest Romance Package

Rainforest Romance Package… our thoughts on it!

I totally recommend this tour… and let me tell you one by one, the reasons why…. It starts in the Central Valley. It gives you time to experience a bit of the central area and main population area in the country. It takes you to Manuel Antonio. And gives you the chance to live a…